Why should you purchase a Canon T7i Bundle?

Are you an aspiring photographer or a filmmaker? There is a lot of stuff required to have the best-desired gear. A camera alone can help you begin but also limit you at some point — the reason you need the Canon EOS Rebel T7i bundle that will help you realize your photography and filmmaking dream.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i Bundle

Why the Canon T7i bundle?

First, you get a Canon T7i DSLR camera that’s a good choice for the entry level. The 24.2-megapixel feature helps you capture the best photographs and 1080p full HD video.

Coming with an 18-55 mm, 55-250 mm and 500mm telephoto lenses allow you to enjoy indoor and outdoor photography and filming. You can achieve different shot sizes, angles required for specific reasons.

A pair of 32gb Sandisk SD cards assure you enough storage in the field. Nothing frustrates like running out of space in the middle of an event. But Canon T7i covers you in that.

LED video light has you covered during indoor events. Although lenses and flash can get you a bright image, you are likely going to require an external light to have the best lighting.

Condenser short gun microphone. Recording with this microphone will enable you to have an easier time editing since sound and videos are linked. You are also able to carry it around since its light, and the professional quality helps you capture the best sound quality.

A camera grip helps you to move around quickly and safely ensuring you capture the best picture.

HD UV light filter does a lot for you when in need of color to fit the mood of your picture.

Car and home charger keeps your battery charging whether in the house or on the road.

An original Canon LP-17 battery pair and charger avail enough energy for event coverage.

Wireless shutter release remote gives the power to regulate the light in need.

Other accessories like a wide neck strap help you carry the camera around, a monopod for smoother operations and an SD card reader for easier transfer of footage.

A backpack gets you moving around with your gear without a lot of hustle.

Get your Canon T7i bundle for less than 100 bucks on canonT7i.com! As a beginner in filmmaking and photography, this gear is an affordable, profession and worth the purchase.