Canon T6i buying tips for new DSLR photographer

Photography is gradually gaining traction as a hobby. While it is possible to make money as a professional photographer, the learning curve is not only steep, but the
price of professional photography gear such as cameras, lenses, and tripods is enough to put most people off.

However, there are some really high-quality digital cameras in the market that are both inexpensive and can produce high-quality digital images.

The Canon T6i is one such camera. It is an entry-level digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. For most people, this is their go-to camera when they are upgrading from a simple point and shoot camera. Aside from the size of the camera and slightly higher price of the Canon T6i, the camera comes in two parts; the body and the lens. This is the beauty of having a DSLR camera like the Canon T6i bundle because you can purchase extra lenses and fit them to the camera body depending on the kind of photography you intend to capture.

Canon T6i bundle kit

Most retailers sell the camera body with an attached kit lens in the box. A kit lens is a standard lens that comes with the camera body. This is mainly a Canon T6i EFS 18mm-55mm lens. This is a basic lens that is not only lightweight but when paired with the Canon T6i bundle kit can produce great results.


Canon T6i lenses

Buying the Canon T6i with the kit lens is highly recommended as you can start capturing wonderful family moments immediately. Unless you have lenses from previous purchases then you can get the body only. From here, you can advance your photography skills by
purchasing additional lenses that suit the kind of photography you want to concentrate on.

Canon has a wide range of high-quality lenses that can be paired with the Canon T6i, including the larger and more professional L (white) lenses for the T6i.

There are a host of online stores from which one can purchase and order their Canon T6i. Most of them sell brand new cameras and kit lenses while others have stocked second-hand and refurbished cameras. Though the price difference is not as much, it is highly recommended purchasing a brand-new camera from a respectable and well-known vendor.