Learn How To Enhance Your Agriculture Education

Crops, machinery and livestock: the diverse collection of topics within agriculture need not dissuade a farmer or future farmer from continually enhancing his or her agriculture education. Resources exist within almost every community in the nation to help even the most experienced and successful farmer remain current on the latest advances in all fields of agriculture. With the explosion of the web, the newest challenge facing farmers is sorting through the overwhelming magnitude of information available. Take the first step by narrowing your topic of interest as much as possible. Authoritative sources such as non-profit farm organizations often provide the latest information. County-led extension programs affiliated with research universities remain among the most reliable for sources of farm education. For instance, Purdue University in Indiana partners with the extension office in each county to tailor its workshops and seminars to the local community’s needs, such as farming in the sandy soil of northern Indiana. Most state universities support comprehensive extension programs available free or at a low cost to help farmers enhance their agriculture education. The exploding family farm movement has also ignited a growth in community-sponsored agriculture cooperatives and opened yet another avenue to enhance a farmer’s agriculture education.

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